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Improving & Upgrading I.C.T & Technology Education in Our African Schools

Every School, An E-Learn Center

The E-learn center Initiative in line with the United Nations sustainable development Goal 4 is on a mission to upgrade the quality of I.C.T and technology education in African schools by providing schools with a fully suited Free e-learning portal fully branded for your school as a contribution to the quality of technology education in your institution, in partnership with our sponsors.

The e-Learning web portal dedicated to your school and stakeholders is a hybrid web application for mobile learning by your students even while away from school with their smartphones, devices and especially for utilization with the computers in your I.C.T room – Providing computer based test/exams for computer education in your school, quizzes and e-assessments as well as visual learning resources with filtered academic videos, E-Library of e-books, interactive class groups, forums and much more.

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The Challenge

Studies show that the average African teenager passing through the secondary school system, has access to a smart phone/device with which they use to access the internet. Whilst this is good, many of our African students have not been cultured to utilize the internet for learning and for research. This is the major gap we bridge with e-Learn center…School on the Go.

Our Solution

We are deploying fully e-Learning suites/portals in our African schools to create better & advanced digital learning tools for improved ICT education to foster the inspiration for self-learning with the internet amongst students even while away from school using their school’s e-Learn center. And your partnership with us through your donations makes this all possible.

Our Goal

e-Learning For All

To ensure students become more acquainted with the utilization of the internet and technology as a learning tool.

Foster Economic Growth

To ensure students understand the benefits of utilizing technology for the growth of Africa’s economy.

Raising Future Leaders

To raise a generation of technology proficient future African leaders in all sectors of industry.

Quality Education

To upgrade the general standard & quality of education in African schools for sustainable development.

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The Results Are Amazing

Whilst Technology is the future of almost all fields of study and profession, it becomes of great relevance and advantage that our students today become much more acquainted with technology and the internet as a tool for digital learning even while away from the 4-walls of a classroom for their long-term benefit of knowledge and skill acquisition.

  • Cognitive Skills Increase 90%
  • Visual Learning Skills Increase 75%
  • Literacy Skills Increase 65%
  • Research Skills Increase 80%
  • Memory Skill Increase 70%
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